Basic Considerations for Building an Artists’ Retreat Venue

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Many people can’t seem to grasp the concept that art and business can go well together. Those who are focused on art think that bringing in commerce will make the work lose its soul. Those who are focused on business think that production is inefficient and the artists are too fussy. However, even artists would need an income to live on and businesses also require a touch of creativity. If you’re someone who’s thinking of a venture that combines the two, why not try building and providing an artists’ retreat house? Here are a few of the parts that you would need to think about.


While some artists say that they work best within the confines of the city, many will benefit from a quiet spot closer to nature. If you’re not in one already, look for a spacious place that’s away from it all but still easily accessible by your future clients. Try to choose one that has several views that artists can choose to be inspired by. If you need additional shelter while keeping the openness of the space, you can choose to erect a fabric structure on your property. They are relatively easy to build and they can also be moved if necessary.

The Studio

If not in the open air area, the studio is where most of the art making happens. This is where artists can try out different materials and take their time conceptualizing and building their creative work. You can also designate part of it as a gallery where people can display their masterpieces for everyone else to see. To satisfy the requirements of the business side, you may offer to put up the artists’ artwork for sale and create an event to promote it. At the same time, if you have a good supply of materials, you may choose to sell some to those who find it difficult to look for certain brands.


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An artist retreat house wouldn’t be complete without the “retreat” part. Creating a piece that one can be proud of can take time, so why not give them the option to stay while they’re at it? This can become one of your main sources of income aside from the entry fee, and you can open it not just to artists, but also to families, students, or travelers who want something different for their accommodation. For those who plan to stay in a residency-type arrangement, you can even get creative with their payment scheme, accepting products and services in place of some cash.

Art and business can work well together, as long as you’re creative with putting everything in balance. After all, even artists deserve to put food on their table and business people can always use some inspiration. As you put the plans together, think of what would be good for both your creative customers as well as your income. Also, if you’re building this using part of your home, make sure to reserve a place for your own use. Even you need a retreat sometimes.

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