Filled with Deliciousness: What Makes a Good Sandwich

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For many people, a sandwich is an easy dish. It is perhaps one of the most popular meals that many people could easily make. People love it because anyone can prepare it without much preparation or practice. People can eat it in different ways and occasions—they can enjoy it while at home or while in a commute.

Sandwiches, however, are not always perfect. There are a lot of times when you will end up with a soggy one. You will even have a sandwich that tastes not as good as you hoped. And there will be occasions where you will have a sandwich that tastes bland. These are the things that you do not want to experience.

The quest to find the perfect sandwich has always been something people have been doing, especially if you are looking to start a business or get a sandwich shop franchise opportunity. There are a lot of factors you need to check to make sure that you will offer a sandwich that meets all the standards. Whether you want a burger or a simple egg sandwich, here are some of the things you should consider:

The ingredients should be fresh.

The ingredients are the things that make or break any dish. You need to make sure that your sandwich ingredients are not only of top-calibre, but they should also be fresh. Stale vegetables can easily make your sandwich soggy, as the moisture seeps out of the other ingredients. The sogginess may give your sandwich a much different flavor.

Fresh ingredients, such as tomatoes, lettuces, and pickles are more crisp and flavorful, but need to be appropriately placed, so any moisture is absorbed. Other than the vegetables, the meat should also be fresh. If possible, make patties or meat-based spread to ensure freshness. The same principle applies to condiments.

It lies in the bread.


Your ingredients may be fresh, and the meat may be marinated to perfection. But all these will not matter when your bread is not spot-on. Many restaurateurs and even people who make sandwiches at home often overlook this factor. One test that will help you determine if the bread is good for the sandwich is to try eating it on its own. When it tastes good without spreads and fillings, then the bread is good. However, make sure that the bread suits the type of sandwich you are making.

Layer it right.

Some people make the mistake of just lumping the ingredients together before putting the bread slice on top. However, this is one of the reasons the sandwich gets soggy. Layer it right. You would not want the veggies at the bottom, as their moisture will cause the bread to become soggy. Instead, place all the moist vegetables in the middle. Put the meat at the bottom and the less moist ingredients on top.

Sandwiches may seem like a simple dish, but they can taste great and divine, especially if you know how to make them properly. You can only make a scrumptious sandwich when you have an idea on layering, ingredients and bread choice.

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