Top Reasons Your Company Should Have a Dress Code

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Even though today’s workplaces are very different from how offices were in the ‘60s, it is still important to have a dress code to ensure a degree of professionalism in your company. Lots of companies in New Zealand have decided to stick to particular corporate clothing as a way of building and promoting their company image. Here are some reasons your company should instil a dress code instead of having a free-for-all in the workplace.

1. It can help boost team spirits.

Having a dress code can build a sense of solidarity among team members in your company. If everyone in the office dresses similarly, then they are more likely to feel like a part of the same team. This will improve productivity in the workplace. As sports teams often notice, the jersey or team uniform has a great influence on player morale. While corporate work environments may not be as strict as a football team, dress codes still help keep the team in elevated spirits. Instead of coming to work dressed in sweats, a worker that comes in wearing a blazer is more likely to feel good and motivated. Teams will look up to other teams for standards on how to dress,. This will influence every aspect of their work by making them more self-aware and responsible.

2. Your company’s professionalism is highlighted.

This is especially important if your company works with outside clients, partner organisations, or third-party companies. Having everyone in a team adhere to a dress code will highlight that your company is serious about work and professionalism. Your clients are more likely to take you seriously if your whole office is dressed nicely. In some industries, such as when making marketing sales pitches to clients, the first impression is everything. Sometimes it’s all the chance you get to retain a client. This is when having a dress code pays off.

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3. It can support your company’s branding goals.

As marketing psychologists often say, every little detail can subtly create an impression in people’s mind. Similarly, having a dress code may in a way help your company’s branding goals. A smart way of doing this is to have employees dress in variations of the company colour palette at events with media presence or fundraisers. This way, they will look well put together with the rest of the brand image and create a subconscious impression of professionalism in people’s minds.

4. You can avoid unpleasant work issues.

Having a dress code is also a good way of avoiding unpleasant and awkward work issues. It ensures that everyone dresses within certain limits and that there are no distractions in the workplace because someone has decided to show up in something completely inappropriate. The dress code can be made laxer or stringent, depending on the type of company you operate.

Having a dress code is important for any company, especially if the workplace is corporate. It is still important for your employees to be able to express their own uniqueness and diversity. Always be mindful of how dress codes are enforced in the workplace.

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