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Homeowners, rejoice! You no longer have limited options when it comes to the construction technology available at your disposal. Whether you are planning to build your first house or eyeing some much-needed renovation work, you will benefit from an array of competitive choices. These engineering updates base their promise of efficiency and practicality on good old science. What that means is you’re not being hoodwinked. You can rest assured that you will be getting your money’s worth. That your house will not only stand out but stand the test of time, too.

Curious to know what cutting-edge construction technologies you can get your hands on these days? Here are some of them.

Waterproof surfaces

Concrete surfaces suffer from wear and tear over time. That is because of natural elements such as sunshine and rain. The latter’s notorious when it comes to hampering the condition of concrete decks, such as your rooftop. This is where waterproof deck coatings come in.

This technology will keep the smooth quality of your concrete decks for years via a fiber-lath membrane and solid resins. On top of visual appeal, it also boosts safety. That’s shooting two birds with one stone.

Self-healing concrete

Take your house to the next level with self-healing concrete, which is pretty much an accurate name for what the technology promises. So what exactly is it? Well, think concrete but with its own immune system.

Here bacteria is introduced to concrete. When the concrete gets wet, the bacteria come alive. They excrete calcite which can then heal cracks that have appeared after repeat and alternating exposure to heat and moisture. What this means is you no longer have to pay exorbitant money for preventing your walls and floors from getting fissures.

Cool roofs


Cool roofs have a simple value proposition. Absorb less heat by deflecting more sunlight. That keeps your house’s interior cool even sans air conditioning. Here your house qualifies for the sustainable badge.

So how do cool roofs function? Basically, they use highly reflective paint, shingles or tiles, or sheet covering. There’s nothing revolutionary about these materials per se. But the idea behind cool roofs is what proves cutting-edge. It’s a testament to how simple does it.

Transparent aluminium

This material is bulletproof. It gives steel tough competition when it comes to strength. It appears like glass, but unlike glass, it does not shatter easily or at all. What you get is a flexible and pretty building material that you can rely upon if you happen to live in a region frequented by earthquakes.

Transparent aluminium is produced via laser technology. It is made from a material called aluminium oxynitride (AION). Right now, it’s mostly used in buildings, especially high-rises requiring robust walls. It’s inevitable for this technology to find its way to residential constructions though.

Smart bricks

Did you play with Lego as a child? If yes, then you’re likely already familiar with how smart bricks work. These modular bricks are easy to connect. Yes, much like Lego bricks. They have space ready for electricity, plumbing, and insulation.

Smart bricks are not just clever in their construction. They are robust too, made from high-strength concrete. These innovative bricks will allow you to reduce construction costs while amplifying your home’s thermal energy control. That’s a bargain for a product so fun and brilliant.

Aerogel insulation

Aerogel is also known as frozen smoke. It is produced via the removal of liquid content from a gel. What’s left behind is silica matter which is composed of 90 percent air. While virtually weightless, aerogel maintains its shape. Thus, it can be transformed into sheets of fabric.

Those aerogel fabrics work well as insulators. They’re almost impenetrable for cold or heat. They will reduce energy expenses from your HVAC system.

Once your new or newly-renovated home is ready for occupancy, do a walk-through with your hired builder. Check everything that needs to be checked. Make sure you do not miss a spot. That’s better than the possibility of you noticing a crucial problem three months in.

Plus, it’s pointless that you have invested considerable money in the latest construction technologies if you do not spend sufficient time understanding how they benefit your household. Or how they must be maintained. Your hired builder should be able to thoroughly explain to you how stuff works.

As soon as those things are out of the way, it’s time to enjoy the fruit of your labor. Your home is a testament to your hard work. You deserve it. So live happily there, and prosper.

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