Tips on Renting Construction Equipment

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Are you planning on renting construction equipment?

Renting or leasing construction equipment might be the most effective solution for your construction project. The construction process involves many stages and tasks, from groundworks to the final fix, and a wide range of plant and tools are available for hire to make the job quicker, easier and safer.

Whether you want an excavator for hire in NZ or a dump truck outback, here are some useful tips to remember when planning for heavy equipment in your project.

Check for Reviews

Before you decide on a plant hire company, do your homework and check online reviews about them first. This step is easy to do but often neglected. Remember that you cannot expect to find a company with a perfect track record, so look around for comparative reviews in trade and consumer magazines, if possible.

Check Their Equipment

Make sure that their equipment is in good condition. You need to check the equipment in their inventory. How old is the machinery? Is the plant in good working order? If you do not know enough technically about the equipment to make a fair assessment, then ask for help from someone more knowledgeable, such as the contractor who will use the machine.

Availability of Training

Not all companies provide training other than to show how to start the equipment and highlight any special features. Even an experienced operator needs to understand the nuances of different brands and be up-to-date on the latest functions and technology.  The main reason for training is to minimise the hazards created by having heavy equipment on site.

The operators need to understand the correct way to mount the machinery, check no unauthorised people are in the area when work commences, wear the correct protective and visibility gear, and make sure that the maximum payload is not exceeded. A good plant hire company provides training on use, safety, basic maintenance and minor troubleshooting.

Support and Maintenance

What happens when the equipment that you rented breaks down? Will the company provide support and repair it for you? A reliable company will have a maintenance schedule for their equipment. Ask about how often they would visit your site in order to carry out checks and maintenance.

Find One Near You

Construction machinery

Ideally, the company that rents out construction equipment is near your location. Keep in mind that transporting large machines will take time and create extra administrative headaches. Finding a rental company nearby means reduced delivery and collection time, and faster response during breakdowns and other problems.

Check Their Customer Service

A reliable equipment rental company will have an easily accessible and responsive customer service. You should be able to reach them right away if you have questions and concerns, especially regarding their equipment, terms and conditions of the contract, feedback and complaints.

Renting construction equipment provides the benefits to your project of speed, improved safety and convenience. Renting is often the most cost-effective solution for your construction woes. When choosing a plant hire company, spent time researching and inspecting their stock and services, so the advantages are maximised.

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