Office Makeover: Ideas to Liven Up Your Workspace

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If your office is inspiring boredom more than creativity, then it is time to switch things up. A makeover can revitalize the office and get your employees excited again to work every day.

Think of a Theme

Start by coming up with a theme. Instead of drab, do you want your office to look comfortable and welcoming? Perhaps, you want the space to evoke a more casual and laid back vibe. The theme will tell you if you will need to repaint your walls a new color or order sleek boardroom chairs from your UK office furniture supplier. You can discuss the theme with your team and include them throughout the planning. Maybe ask for suggestions and let the employees vote on which one they want to incorporate into the office.

Choose a Color Scheme

Out with the boring cream, in with the bright and fun colors. You can inject a bit of personality into your workplace by simply changing up the color on your wall.

Companies in the creative field should be a little braver. Facebook, for example, has murals created by their in-house artists. Meanwhile, rainbow colors are found in every corner of Google’s Mountain View HQ. For a more serious atmosphere, a warm gray can turn the workplace a little more modern. Add pops of colors throughout, such as a red couch or mustard chairs at the reception, to brighten up the space.


Adding a few potted plants will breathe new life into the office. You can look for plants that do not need a lot of sunlight and requires little maintenance to survive. The spider plant and the snake plant are popular among offices because, not only are they easy to care for, they also help purify indoor air by removing pollutants from the air and giving off clean oxygen in exchange.

If you do not have space for potted plants, gift your employees little succulents they can place on their desks.

Rearrange the Office Furniture

office furniture

If you do not have a budget, simply rearranging the furniture will make your office look different. This time around, however, create a layout that will encourage collaboration and a sense of community between your employees. This can be achieved with a more open physical environment.

Upgrade Your Tech

Maybe it is time for an upgrade. The tech that you use every day should run efficiently to ensure that your office is also functioning smoothly. If your printers and scanners are malfunctioning and have been causing headache, set money aside from your budget so you can buy new ones. Similarly, if the computers are old, upgrade to more recent models. Your employees will thank you for it.

Look for ones that have new features and functions that your employees can use every day. Install software that can improve productivity such as Basecamp and Weekdone.

A Coffee Shop Vibe

A coffee shop encourages networking opportunities or brainstorming sessions over a hot cup of joe. For your office, a coffee shop atmosphere will bring your employees to work together.

Give your employees a place to sit down together and allow their creative juices flowing in a comfortable space. Add a couch around a low table or benches beside the walls. They can use this space during meetings among themselves or with clients and hang out during breaks. Moreover, invest in a decent coffee machine to keep everyone focused and sharp throughout the day.

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