Guide to Taking Care of Your Beloved Car

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With so many available car makes and models in the market today, it is easy to just toss your current one in favor of a new one, especially if the former is already giving you a lot of headaches. Unfortunately, cars can be quite expensive so you have the option to keep the old one and just deal with the headache or make sure you take good care of it right from the start so that you do not have to worry about the problems.

Maintaining the Exterior

When you ride your car, you should not just jump in and put the keys in. As what most mechanics would tell you, you should do a walk around first and check some of the important items. These include the condition of the tires, the warning lights, and even the wipers. While you’re at it, test if all the locks are in good working condition.

Make sure you give your vehicle a good washing. This reduces the risk of your car paint fading, as well as of scratches and prints making a mark on your vehicle. Do not forget the wheels and the tires as well.

Maintaining the Engine

If you do not have experience with car engines, you might want to leave this in the hands of your car mechanic. However, a few things that you can handle would be the checking of the oil and coolant level. If both are already below the minimum level, you can top them off with oil and coolant available at any gas station. Make sure that you have your mechanic check also the oil, air and fuel filter. These items need to be replaced every now and then.

What most people do is to time this along with the preventive maintenance of the car. Keep in mind that changing the engine oil often might damage your vehicle so make sure that you adhere to what is indicated in the car’s manual. At the same time, switching from semi-synthetic to synthetic and vice versa should also be given some forethought.

Maintaining Your Air Compressor

Because air compressor makes use of pressure and sucks in a great deal of air, it has a high risk of breaking down if not maintained or cleaner after use. In order to take care of it, you need to regularly check the air compressor hose reel for any oil or air leaks. These cause a decrease in the efficiency of your vehicle and might cause varying pressures when the air compressor is used.

The oil of the air compressor should also be changed regularly. Oil tends to collect dust and other particles. When this happens over a period of time, the dust particles in the oil may scratch the surfaces that it comes in contact with. This might, later on, lead to cracks and leaks. The same should also be done with the nose of your engine. This is where the air typically comes in so expect that this will have a lot of dirt and debris.

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