Home Talk: The “Why” Behind Landscaping

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Keeping a lush and tidy lawn is integral in optimizing the overall appearance of your property. In fact, in first-class and populous areas in Kentucky like Crestwood or East Louisville, homeowners prioritize lawn care. Moreover, according to ProMatcher, landscaping installation in Kentucky can cost up to $50 an hour plus the materials.

Landscape installation rates vary depending on the company. Amazingly, you can even find one that costs just about $15 an hour. However, the point here is, many people are relatively comfortable with shelling out cash for lawn care. If you’re wondering why, read on as we discuss several ways you can benefit from commercial landscaping services in East Louisville.

Before we cut to the chase, it’s important to stress that landscaping is essential for many reasons — other than simply having a gorgeous backyard. While it is true that a landscaped yard is a beautiful sight to look at, landscaping offers more advantages than enhanced aesthetics.

Increases Estate Value

According to a study conducted and published by REALTOR Magazine, upgrading your home through landscaping can raise your home’s value by as much as 12%. In addition, a different study conducted by a real estate researcher has found that homes with no landscaping lose roughly 25% of its potential reselling value over time. Therefore, availing professional landscaping services allows you to transform and simultaneously increase the monetary value of your asset.

Helps the Environment

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A manicured lawn is calmer and cooler than cement, asphalt, and even bare soil. It is because grass naturally produces a cooler temperature around your home, thus lowering the energy expenditure of your air-conditioning units, which in turn leads to big savings.

In addition, it has been reported that having a tall, flourishing tree on the south and west side of your home can provide shade during the hottest times of day, resulting to about 40 degrees lower attic temperatures. They also can reduce passing glares at your windows. Besides, a blooming garden and tree-filled yard make it more pleasant to relax outside.

Heals the Body

Did you know that landscaping is a great path to a healthy lifestyle? Not everyone has a knack for going to the gym, but for some, picking up a shovel or operating a land mower to maintain the installed landscape is a great way to work out. In addition, studies have shown that gardening for an hour can help you burn anywhere between 400 and 600 calories. Other than physical health, it also provides benefits for mental health by boosting creativity, promoting calmness, and stimulating a feeling of fulfillment.

To add to that, gardening is an amazing complete body workout that integrates stretching, weight lifting, and cardiovascular activities into one routine. Even if you aren’t doing gardening for exercise purposes, a property with a great outdoor area may encourage you to do outdoor activities with your family, which then leads to a more active lifestyle and increased bonding time.

Landscaping is not just for aesthetics and design. Having a landscaped yard can reduce air pollution and help mother earth heal. In addition, it allows you and your family to develop and maintain healthy habits.

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