Feeling Like You’re Sailing on High Seas in Your Room

high seas themed room
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If you’re looking to create a nautical-themed bedroom, here are eight decor ideas to get you started. These ideas will help you incorporate nautical elements into your bedroom without making it look tacky or over the top. And if your bedroom doesn’t have any nautical touches yet, these decor ideas can be used in any room of your house. These decor ideas will have you feeling like you’re on the deck of your ship in no time. Adding decorations like bedding, pillows, light fixtures, and even hardware on your drawers can give you a great nautical feel without spending too much money.

You don’t have to live near a beach to decorate your bedroom with nautical bedding and furnishings. Before you start shopping, take an afternoon to think about how you want your room to look; do you want it to be brightly colored? Dark, moody, and oceanic? Neutral but inspired by sailing culture? The answer is up to you. Once you decide on a general theme, go looking for pieces that will fit right in. Of course, some items—like sailboat wall art—will be more readily available than others. Here are some pointers for creating a bedroom that evokes the seaside escape of coastal vacations.

Wooden Flooring

Wood flooring is an easy way to create a sense of warmth in your bedroom. Not only does it provide visual appeal, but it also adds a natural element that other types of floors don’t have. It can either be used on its own or in conjunction with other materials, such as carpet and wallpaper. If you want to decorate your bedroom like you’re on a boat, think about using wood as an accent color throughout — try wooden blinds, bed frames, and ceiling.

Some flooring stores specialize in selling different species of wood. So if you have one particular type of boat in mind, they can recommend a suitable flooring option. There’s no limit to what you can do. Just make sure everything coordinates well with each other so that things don’t become too messy looking.

Ocean Wallpaper Patterns

In modern design, every detail — from color scheme to wall paint — is critical. And wallpaper is one of those details that can make or break your design. If you’re looking to decorate with nautical-themed wallpaper, there are plenty of choices. From subtle shades of blue and white to colorful nautical scenes, there’s something that will fit right into your bedroom.

Blue and White Palette Decor

Even if you don’t live near or by water, you can create a cool seafaring vibe in your room by adding nautical accessories and blue-and-white accents. Choose an accent wall painted in blue, add some yellow accents to your bedding, choose bright white sheets and pillows and get creative with lamps and nightstands painted blue. Put up fishing net curtains and add seashells around mirrors.

Natural Wood Accents


One easy way to add nautical touches to your bedroom is through accents. Dark, natural wood pieces such as drawers, dressers, and nightstands offer a fun twist on an otherwise-classic decor theme. Nautical prints are accented with wood pieces. For instance, if you’re using an antique map as your focal point, display it on top of a wooden bedside table or hang it above wooden panels mounted onto your wall.

Striped Curtains

Striped fabrics are very nautical, so use striped linens to decorate your bed. You can get sheets in just about any pattern or color you want. Plus, striped curtains help give your bedroom an extra cozy vibe. Just make sure they’re made of cotton. Your bedroom will also feel more spacious when you have one set of curtains instead of two separate window coverings.

Rope-Framed Mirrors and Bed Stand

Rope-framed mirrors are perfect for a nautical bedroom. They give you more horizontal space on your wall and create an illusion of a bigger room. Whether hung high or low, they help make any space seem more expansive. Opt for an old-fashioned rope mirror with its beautiful patina, or pick out something new—the choice is yours. For even more nautical flair, go with rope bed stands instead of regular nightstands.

Sailing Ship Candles and Ship Bottle Decor

Candles are one of our favorite ways to create an atmosphere in any room, and we love them when they come in unique shapes. Sailing ship candles would be a perfect addition to your nautical bedroom, not only because of their stunning shape but also because you can use them as decorations by themselves or with others. A bottle filled with sand at each end makes for a great way to display books on your shelf. It’s these little details that will make your bedroom into an authentic nautical space.

Remember to have fun and not get too pressured when you can’t decorate with something you imagined. Themed bedrooms take time to finish since some decors are hard to find. Overall, there are so many ways to create nautical bedroom decor. These ideas should get you started on your journey.

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