Six Fenceless Ideas to Create Privacy in Your Backyard

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Neighbors don’t always get along well together. That is an understatement. But blocking their view of your property by installing a fence is not also always a viable and practical solution. What if you do not like the idea of a fence? What if you do not have the money to build one right now? Aren’t there any other options for you to create the privacy that is your right on your property?

Don’t sweat it out. There are many other options for homeowners who don’t want to put up a fence but are determined to have the privacy they need in their homes. You can still garden or lounge on your deck without worrying about anyone seeing you. If you want to do yoga in the early morning in your garden without anyone peeping into your routine, that’s also possible with these ideas.

One-way Mirrors

If you have a small garden or backyard and your neighbor feels like just a foot away, you can still spend time “outdoors” without really going out. What you should do is install one-way sliding mirrors as your side doors. You can also convert your glass doors right now by applying mirrored window film on them. This will bring in more sunlight into your home without you necessarily opening the door or going outside. If you are doing yoga and meditation, the area near that glass door where the sunlight streams in the morning is the best spot.

Layered Plantings

For those with larger backyards, you can do layered planting. The idea is to mix-and-match tall and short plants and shrubs to create a sort of “fence.” Evergreen trees, perennials, and shrubs do well together. The evergreens should be in the background nearest your neighbor, so they will have to literally look through the leaves if they want to peep into your property. Not only is this a cool alternative for the often-constricting feel of a metal or wooden fence, but it also brings in more nature to your home.

Potted Plants

Do you have a lot of potted plants? Place them at the border of your property to create a kind of green screen. Sure, they do not exactly block everyone’s view, but it makes it hard for people to peek into your garden or backyard. You can also do this on your deck. Instead of putting the pots at the edge of your property, place them around your deck. This makes it harder for anyone to bother you when you’re working, doing yoga, exercising, or gardening.

potted plants

Hanging Plants

You can also obscure anyone’s view with hanging plants. Hang them in tiers, so they will create a vine-looking effect. It’s almost as if they crawled all over an invisible wall. Choose plants that create a cascading effect when they grow. While it’s harder to use tiered hanging plants as your property’s “fence,” you can use them around your patio or deck to block your neighbors’ view of your home. You can then drink that coffee in peace with no one bothering you for a chat.

Light Curtains

Another thing that homeowners don’t realize is that curtains are not only for use indoors. You can hang those light and flowy ones in your deck, patio, or pergola. They are even more effective than a fence. Nosy neighbors can stand on their toes to see above your fence but if you have the curtains in the patio drawn, they will not be able to see a thing. When you’re in the mood to chat with neighbors, you only have to tie the curtains to the side and you’re all good.

Large Fountains

The problem with sharing a property border with the neighbors is that you might hear their conversations, and they might hear yours. It’s not only about them looking over their kitchen windows straight to yours. It’s also about what they can hear from your home. A fountain is a good idea to put in the middle of your properties. The water flowing in the fountain will mask unwanted sounds. It will muffle the conversations. However, as a word of caution, fountains can also be too loud that they are already distracting. Choose the right one well.

See? You don’t need a fence to give yourself privacy. Your home should be a sanctuary. It should not be a worry that others are seeing you or hearing you. Fences don’t always mean masonry, stones, wood, and metal. Plants, curtains, fountains, and mirrors are great alternatives to keep your home private.

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