What’s the Deal with Tiny Houses?

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Tiny houses are taking over the nation as people grow a heightened consciousness of carbon footprint and the environment’s damages. Other than that, it’s inspired people to reflect and prioritize what’s in their lives. The tiny house movement kindled a lifestyle that was soon coveted by many: intentional, clutter-free, and serene.

Just because it’s tiny doesn’t mean it’s bound from interior design. People remain to be creative, taking the size as another challenge. One can add to their tiny home various styles and features, be it rustic, minimalist, or industrial; everybody’s got their own spin on it.

However, building or moving into a tiny house shouldn’t be a snap decision; there are things worth considering. For starters, these include your long-term goals, ability to give up some things for practicality, if the move is lifestyle-fit for you, among others.

It’s Not Just a House; It’s a Way of Life

Moving or building a house is often up for discussion when a significant life change is about to take place. It can be a retiree couple who want to de-clutter years’ worth of things and start afresh or a young couple looking to live their dream of a nomadic country lifestyle.

Be it a change in pace or environment, moving into a tiny house is a big decision -probably even bigger than moving into a “normal” sized house. You have to think long and hard if you’re fine with a permanent downsize. Don’t make the shift from a completely aesthetic standpoint; otherwise, you might regret it.

Downsizing means letting go of material things that no longer serve you and keeping the ones that do. It’s the closest to starting with a clean slate. It brings important points to the table, like how one values physical goods, personal relationships, and the environment. The shift is seen as a “practical roadmap to the good life” by enthusiasts. So it’s not just simply about letting things go; it’s a way of living. Making this lifestyle change marks a simple life with security, freedom, fostering relationships, and meaningful experiences.

It’s no secret that living tiny affords you other luxuries in life, with a median price between $30,000 to $60,000. But of course, it’s not like you have the space for these materialistic luxuries. However, you can save up for a trip or even something simple as being prompt about healthcare insurance. Having a place of your own (that costs less to maintain) saves you money and enables you to focus on other financial responsibilities.

However, one major downside to this is that you can’t use a mortgage to pay for it. Depending on how your finances look, this can be a silver lining. If you have the money to fund it, it’s a great choice to have greater economic freedom.

Assuming that you’ve made your mind up to make this move, you now have to consider the location. If you’re looking to buy a plot of land, settle in a tiny house community, or situate on a relative’s property. This should entirely be up to you and your budget. However, if it’s the former, you have to think about the cost on top of the price you’re going to pay for the house. But if you plan on going mobile, be sure to have a vehicle that’s big enough to haul it.

If It’s Not for You, Maybe It Can Be a Second Home

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Maybe what you’re looking for is a staycation, a place where you can unplug. In that case, a tiny house isn’t half bad at all. A tiny house is a great way to escape the corporate world’s hustle and bustle. When you’re not staying there, you can have it rented by others who want the same experience, too. You can earn a passive income from it. But if you’re mainly in it for the aesthetic, it’s a great project to have.

With multiple DIY projects of innovative space-saving furniture and features, the sky is your limit. For instance, you can install a partition wall with stud and track to separate space or keep an open concept. Designing it would also be a thrill, with the space you can work with.

Whatever your reason is for having a tiny house, it’s a fun space to have for whatever use — for friends, family, and yourself. It can be a guest house for when the family comes over or a venue for a barbecue with some neighbors. The house is only as good as what it’s for. It’s always good to hold space for things that matter the most.

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