The Things to Know Before Becoming a Franchisee

Becoming a Franchisee
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Running a successful business is something that many people dream of. But investing in a new business idea doubles the risk, so some people turn to popular franchises as an entry point into running a business.

There are a lot of franchise categories to choose from. Across the country, personal services, retail products, and the ever-popular food franchise opportunity are some examples.

With franchise ownership, you will get an established brand, product, marketing, and clientele. Of course, choosing a popular franchise alone does not guarantee instant success. Becoming a franchisee is more complicated than choosing a company and investing money in it.

Here are some things you should know before becoming a franchise owner:


Not all franchises are created equal, as some of them advertise low startup expenses. You have to remember that your total investment includes not just the purchase cost. There are more expenses like royalties, inventory, location, contractor fees, employees’ salaries, training fees, signages, and so much more.

You need to determine how you’re going to finance the franchise and if you can afford the total expenses, including the monthly costs of running a business.


From the start, you need to realize that you’ll be investing in a brand that has its own system. You cannot just change the logo because it’s not your favorite color. You cannot change the coffee recipe because it doesn’t suit your taste.

You need to have the personality and mentality of a franchisee to thrive in it. You have to be an implementor of an established system and not its creator. You have to follow the thick dossier of dos and don’ts of the mother company.


You’re not just investing money, you’ll need to invest your time as well. Ask any successful entrepreneur and they will tell you that a business venture will eat up a lot of your time. Although you will be hiring staff to run the day-to-day operations, the overall running of the franchise will still be up to you.

Set aside some of your time to oversee the nitty-gritty parts of running a business like looking over the books or talking to your staff.


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As stated, there are many franchises to choose from. Once you’ve narrowed down your choice, study as much as you can about the field you want to enter. For example, if you decide to take on a food franchise opportunity, then you have to know the food safety requirements, taxes, and permits.

Next, you’ll need to study the company you want to work with. Learn as much as you can about the company’s history, management, products, and success rate. You wouldn’t want to invest your savings on a company whose sales are going down.

You’ll also need to know what the company will provide for you. Will it provide free training? Will it give the products? What regular support will it give you? Questions like these can make or break your future in franchising.

Any business venture will have its advantages and disadvantages. If you believe that franchising can be the start of a successful business for you, then weigh its pros and cons. If you still want to move forward, then go for it. But be sure to remember the cost, system, time, and research that you need to consider.

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