Unexpected Art Materials that Critics Love

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How many times have you been to a museum or art exhibit, looked around, and said, “I can do that”? It might probably quite a few. Art is becoming increasingly more inclusive and diverse. Not long ago, art was only recognized if it used a traditional medium.

Today, artists around the world are finding acclaim with less-than-typical materials. Read on to know a few examples that might get your creative juices flowing.

1. Welding

Welding or soldering metal is more closely associated with industrial work. But lots of artists have been found to use things, like MIG stainless steel, to create unique pieces. These can range from intricate landscapes a few feet long to massive sculptures several metres high.

If you’re a beginner looking to try out artistic metalwork, try MIG stainless steel. It is the easiest to use and find a source.

2. Mirrors

Mirrors have become a popular choice for artists all over the world. In Asia, a collective of illustrators famously used mirrors (mirrored bowls to be exact) to reflect the hidden cityscapes they had drawn in cylinders. In the world of sculptures, some landscape artists like installing mirrored pieces amidst a mass of green. It creates a whimsical feel. In Europe, there’s even an “invisible” treehouse that makes use of mirrors.

If you’re looking for a smaller-scale project, you can use broken shards of mirrors to create a mosaic.

3. Balloons

Balloons and other inflatables are becoming popular as interactive ways to add color to a canvas. Not only is this a fun way to create art that you can’t predict, but it’s also a great way to invite people into your artwork. Pick a color, fill up some balloons with it, and pierce them above the canvas.

Another inflatable option artists are using is bubble wrap. This time, instead of popping the air pocket, you inject the color into it. The effect is similar to pointillism.

4. Yarn or Wool

gray wool

What were once staples in our grandma’s knitting or crochet baskets is now a popular millennial activity. Some have even made a considerable profit from this venture. Macrame, knitted wall hangings, or crocheted throws can easily be sold. If you’re familiar with this craft, try venturing out of your comfort zone. For example, try crocheting a popular character. Or create a woven tapestry with some scenery on it.

Because this method is current, it won’t be hard to find classes that teach it or even a platform to sell them.

5. Fruit

You may have heard of the most famous banana in the world. Called The Comedian, the item was a regular banana taped to a blank wall. It sold for over 150,000 USD last year at an exclusive art fair in America despite drawing completely polarizing opinions. Even if a fruit is not your medium of choice, this is a prime example that as long as you have a message behind your art, it will have an audience.

For any artwork to succeed, you need to balance practically having all your necessary materials as well as a vision to create. Experimenting with out-of-the-box mediums is a fantastic way to express yourself and maybe even make some money back.

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