What You Need to Know About Public Adjusters

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Let’s say you need to use an existing insurance policy. You need the payout as soon as possible. But your insurance company is causing some delays. You try to follow up, but you get redirected or held off. Who do you call for help?

In cases like this, the insurance company is not necessarily trying to pull a fast one on you. But nevertheless, you do need professional help to encash your policy as soon as possible. For this, you will need an insurance adjuster.

What Are Insurance Adjusters?

Insurance adjusters are professionals who have a strong background in insurance policies and how to claim them. Insurance adjusters are often provided by the insurance company after you finalize your policy. But if you are having difficulty with the insurance company, you might need a public insurance adjuster.

They are independent individuals who do the same job but without any company ties. They will also charge a fee from the final settlement.

When Should You Get an Adjuster?

In some areas getting your insurance claim might be harder. For example, public insurance adjusters in Florida are especially handy because the location is prone to more claims. In the event of hurricanes or even accidents that cover more unlikely events such as a gator attack, insurance companies will be likely overwhelmed with claimants.

To avoid being washed out, having a public insurance adjuster is key. Just be sure to manage your expectations. A public adjuster cannot get you more money than your policy covers. But they can help negotiate for you to get the best deal.

What Should You Look For When Hiring a Public Adjuster?

Because public adjusters will be receiving a fee, make sure you choose a credible one. A trustworthy public adjuster will have all the necessary licenses. When hiring a public adjuster, make sure they are licensed in the state you are making your claim in. Any qualifications they require will also be made known to you by your state insurance department; you can always double-check with them.

Another way to find a good adjuster is to ask your friends and colleagues. Word of mouth is a tried and tested method of finding quality referrals. In some states, there are companies that specialize in providing adjusters with many specialties.

Never feel pressured by a public adjuster. They must not push you to make any demands or claims past what you are comfortable with and what the law states. In the event of a statewide calamity, check with your state’s insurance department. They will likely set a cap on just how much an insurance adjuster may charge. Unfortunately, in some cases, there will be adjusters who might try to take advantage of a tight situation.

When hiring an adjuster, read your contract carefully considering that you will be handling delicate matters such as insurance claims. If you have a lawyer, they can also review the contract for you.

Getting a public adjuster is not scary and not a sign that you won’t be getting your claim. In fact, having one by your side makes it easier to get the most of your policy.

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