Women in Business: Dressing to Impress

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Whether you’re about to have an important interview for your dream job, working in an office environment, or going to a big corporate meeting, you understand the challenges that come with dressing up to project a professional image. Nowadays, unless your workplace has a specific corporate uniform or requires you to wear special attire like hi-vis clothing, “business attire” can be a very confusing look to achieve. You have to find the right balance of style and professionalism without going overboard.

While it can be confusing, there are simple ideas you can incorporate into your professional wardrobe to have that stylish yet appropriate work clothes. If you’re into wearing smart suits daily or want to switch up your looks from time to time with some sophisticated separates, there are certain style tips you can follow to make dressing up in the morning a lot more fun.

For many businesses and corporate environments in New Zealand, business attire is a formal dress code all employees must comply with. It’s all about professional dressing for that smart and sophisticated image. Men are usually limited to suits, but women have a wider range of options when it comes to how they can interpret business attire. There are dresses, skirt suits and pant suits and even separates to choose from. Here’s a guide to help you pick the right outfits to work:

Consider Your Office Culture and Dress Accordingly

women collaborating with work wearing office outfits

The best business suit colours are black, dark blue, grey and even charcoal. For skirts, the proper length should somewhere that touches the knees or below. Go for shirts in light colours and make sure you can tuck them into your trousers properly. Consider the overall fit of your trousers as well. If they’re too big, you’ll end up looking sloppy.

Do not wear loud and bright colours to work, unless they’re for accent pieces, because these will make you look odd and out of place in the office. The same is true for animal prints. Colours such as reds, deep purples, and hot pinks should only be worn during special occasions.

Avoid Flaunting Your Heavy Jewellery

woman wearing and revealing extravagant jewelry

Do not wear chunky jewellery pieces at work, whether it’s a huge necklace, stacks of bangles or dangling earrings. Also, no need to wear every single ring you own on your finger when you go to work. Multiple bracelets may be in, but wearing these won’t help you look like you mean business at work. This, however, does not mean you have to go completely jewellery-free at work. Stud earrings and elegant watches project subtlety and professionalism.

Finally, wear a “third item.” If you work in an environment that allows a little bit of creativity, you can put on an additional piece to make you look more interesting. It can be a simple scarf, a belt, a blazer or a cardigan. In this case, you can try wearing a statement necklace, too. Your choice of shoes, on the other hand, can highly depend on your commute to work. You can wear pumps then switch into some high heels when you reach the office.

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