Dental Dilemmas When You’re Out of the Country

Man suffering from toothache
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Excited for your next overseas trip? You’ve been looking forward to your next adventure for months, but are you sure you’ve handled everything on your checklist? Chances are, you’ve missed or forgotten about how you’re going to deal with a health emergency while you’re away from home.

After all, when you’re having a lot of fun, that’s the last thing you’d want to think about. However, what if, let’s say, there’s a dental emergency. How ready are you, especially if you’re going somewhere where you don’t speak the language?

Try to make an appointment with your dentist days or even weeks before your flight. While it’s easy to contact an emergency dentist here in Salt Lake City, sometimes you might end up needing help when you’re in a remote area that has less – sometimes even none at all – access to dental facilities.

So before that big overseas trip, make sure to call your dentist, especially if you’re planning to be away for a prolonged period. Even if it’s just a minor dental issue, like sudden increased tooth sensitivity or if you just want some oral prophylaxis, it’s better to go to a dental clinic as soon as possible before it turns into a much bigger issue.

However, if you have to leave soon and don’t have time to visit a dentist, here’s what you should know about dealing with a dental emergency:


Woman suffering from toothache

Because of air pressure imbalances, some people tend to experience some tooth pain during their flight. If you have existing dental problems like a crack, cavity, or any space in your tooth filling, expansion happens when air passes through your teeth.

This is due to the pressure changes that occur while you’re on a plane. As this is a common occurrence, it shouldn’t make you worry. Once you’ve landed, this pain would naturally go away. But, in case it doesn’t, make sure to rinse your mouth thoroughly.

Then use a floss to remove the food particles that were stuck in between your teeth. Get some pain killers if you think you need sound. If the pain continues, go to an emergency dentist immediately.

Cracked or Broken Tooth

Here’s another type of dental emergency that needs immediate solution. It can be extremely painful unless appropriately handled. To solve a broken or cracked tooth, make sure to rinse your mouth with clean water and apply some cold compress on the cheek area where the tooth got pulled out or broken.

This is to deal with the swelling and not cause further infection. This, however, is only a temporary solution. Call a dentist immediately to take care of the rest.

Dislodged Tooth

If you experience getting a tooth completely knocked out, follow these steps to make sure you can salvage your lost tooth. Hold the tooth that got dislodged by the crown. In case it got a little dirty, rinse and clean the tooth as soon as possible.

But, be sure not to touch the tissue fragments on this area or transfer it into a clean piece of cloth.

Grab a cup of milk and put the tooth in so you can carry it with you safely as you go to the dentist. In this case, a quick response is key.

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