Work and Life: Achieve Your Goals for the Next Decade

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Whenever a year comes to a close, you probably reflect on what you have done in the past 365 days. If you find out once again that you failed to follow through your previous resolutions like most people, it’s okay to feel bad. But don’t beat yourself up.

This year, forget about vague resolutions. Setting specific goals is the name of the game. Consider these two significant milestones to hit to set yourself up for a better decade.

Climb Up the Ladder or Leave

man workingDuring the interview for your current job, you probably were encountered the question, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” Trying to impress the manager by showing confidence, you said you see yourself in their seat doing their job.

Okay, maybe you were able to come up with a more realistic and less ridiculous response, which landed you the job. Congratulations. Now, three or four years later, you’re still with the same company in the same position. How do you feel?

If you think that your career has stagnated, you’re not alone. A Gallop report shows that only 32% of U.S workers are engaged in their job in terms of being able to do their best work daily, having someone who encourages growth, and feeling that their opinions are valued. This leaves the remaining percentage categorized as disengaged or those who show up, do the bare minimum and clock out 8 hours later.

Does that sound like you? Of course, you have reasons to feel demotivated, but if you want to change the way how you think about work and get off the autopilot, there’s no better time to start but now. Revisit the five-years’-time question and zero in on what you want to do and achieve career-wise in the years to come.  In the process of goal-setting, these two are likely to come to mind: a promotion and a new (and better) job.

If you’re targeting a promotion, think about what stopped you from getting one in the past years and what steps you must take to position yourself for more in the next annual review. One mistake that most employees do is assume that promotion will just come along. In reality, you have to search for opportunities for growth actively. Even better, make your boss aware of your intention to rung up on the ladder.

Dealing with your dissatisfaction at work, however, isn’t always about the position. Sometimes, the job itself is what causing your unhappiness. You hate your job. End of story. If that’s the case, then it’s a matter of finding your Ikigai, the balance between your passion and expertise.

Determine what you love doing and what you’re good at, then see where the harmony lies. This won’t only help you take your career to the right path in the next decade. Ultimately, discovering your Ikigai leads to a purposeful, meaningful life.

Own the Place You Love

Enough about work. Let’s talk about the place you stay at when you’re not spending the night in the office doing endless tasks. Kidding aside, let’s talk about home. How’s your living situation? Hopefully, you aren’t secretly living in a motor van behind your office building because of rent rates and housing options.

If you’re happy with your home, good for you. It’s hard to find a neighborhood where everything is accessible, amenities are fine, and parking space is always available. Probably, the next thing to consider is owning the place—that is if you’re renting.

This decade, aim for a sense of stability that comes from homeownership. Nothing beats putting down your roots where you enjoy living. Also, if you don’t have any plans to move around in the next ten years or more, saving up for your own home instead of spending your money on rent would be a wise decision. Compared to fluctuating rent rates, a fixed-rate loan from a mortgage company in San Antonio is better for your finances in the long run. Imagine not having to rework your funds in 10 years because of the rent increase.

As a final note, don’t put your health and well-being on the back burner. Try to live longer. As long as you’re alive and healthy, career and life goals can wait.

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