Home Trends: The New Look of Modern Homes

Beautiful modern house with garden and solar panels on the gable roof. 3d rendering
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Trends change in home design almost every decade or so. This decade has taken a massive shift in the way we design homes. It’s all about practicality, convenience, and space. This is why modern homes look so different from traditional ones. However, there’s so much more than what meets the eye regarding these homes.

Home Exterior of House with Landscaping

Box Structure

A box design is something that newer homes are adopting nowadays. It’s because it looks sleek and spacious. In addition to this, a box structure makes it easier for people to build extensions.

Box structures didn’t look as attractive as they did today. For some people, box structures should be reserved for dull buildings in the city, not in residential areas. However, as more people see the efficiency of box structures in homes, they’ve realized that there is more space in the conventional home. Furthermore, it gives a minimalistic and modern look.

It’s only recently that people have learned to appreciate a box design in homes. The space it gives is just phenomenal, especially now that we need more space than ever. It’s also far more efficient to build. Additionally, it leaves space for easy extensions. It doesn’t utilize a triangular roof but instead a flat roof. This means that you can easily add another floor to your home if you want.

People tend to look at box designs nowadays and think it’s expensive. But this isn’t the case anymore. Many of the required industrial materials to build these homes have become cheaper throughout the years, such as glass.

Glass, a Lot of Glass

Modern homes have a lot of glass. It goes well with the home’s overall aesthetic, and it creates the illusion of space. So if a box structure already has more space, glass adds more even space than that.

Glass became much cheaper at the turn of the century. As a result, we’ve learned to refine them much more quickly and efficiently. Moreover, the modern glass design makes it easier to replace window glass. This makes the transition towards more modern homes much easier. What makes glass so attractive in modern homes is its ability to create more space.

Space is essential, especially during a pandemic. Modern homes have all the area it needs from their box design, but that’s dialed up to eleven because of the addition of glass. Glass can create more space for people. Bulky walls no longer need to cover the front of your home. All you need is glass. This is why modern homes feel like they’re mansions, even if they have the same space as conventional homes. If you add an open space floor plan on top of that, you’ll be living in a mansion.

Open Space Floor Plan

An open space floor plan has a decent history. It started during the end of the 1950s when people began to adopt more space for practicality. Partition walls didn’t matter when you were suffocating yourself. Furthermore, separating social hubs like the kitchen and the living room didn’t make sense.

Open floor plans eliminate all the unnecessary things in homes and replace them with practicality. Some even take this to the next level and completely replace all the partition walls with support beams. It works well, and you can add a few square meters of extra space to your home. This floor plan works well with modern homes where space is the key to everything.

A box design, glass, and an open floor plan are a trio made in heaven. It’s the holy trinity of modern homes. But there is one more thing that neatly puts them all together: smart devices.

Smart Devices

Modern homes wouldn’t be modern without smart devices. The sales of smart devices have increased during the last few years. This is to accommodate the rise of modern homes being built everywhere in the country.

Smart devices can make modern homes more convenient and efficient to live in. It also adds to the feel of the home, where everything is controlled by technology and AI. Smart devices can handle all of these things for you while you sit back and relax in the comfort of your couch.

They are also easily managed with a few taps in your smart pad. You can manage temperature levels, electricity consumption, and so much more. Smart devices put the ‘modern’ in modern homes. You should certainly install a few smart devices to give it a try. Smart devices are some of the best addition to any home, and they are the right addition to put everything neatly together in modern homes.

Modern homes are certainly rocking today’s real estate industry. Now that you know what they are, it’s time that you construct one yourself.

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